Some Places More Than Others

Episode 1

Amara is a 12 years old girl that wants to know about her family history.  Her parents have been resistant to the idea of her going to New York City to meet some of her family members.  But, once her humanities teacher, Mr. Rosen, assigns the class to do the Suitcase Project Amara has a great excuse to travel to New York.

Come travel with us to New York City and discover some of its wonderful creations as well as experience some family drama within Amara’s family.

Episode 2

In this episode Amara has arrived in New York City. While spending time with her grandfather, she discovers some interesting facts about her father. Let’s see what connections we can make in this weeks episode.

Episode 3

In this episode we will experience healing and understanding, two ingredients for a great connection.

Episode 4

In this episode we will be speaking to a brown girl that is really making a difference in her community, one book at a time, Mrs. Tamika Thompson, owner of Beyond This February book store.

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